Key Program Features

The Fit Mum Method is based on three pillars-fitness, nutrition and mindset. This method is based on my scientific background combined with my own fitness journey and my 5+ years of coaching experience. No matter what your fitness or nutrition challenges are, we can work on them together to make sure that you build sustainable habits that can serve you for the rest of your life.

  • Workouts

    Monthly packages include 8 x 1:1 personal training sessions, over zoom or at your home/place of work. Buddy packages are available also

  • Fitness program

    You will receive programming for workouts/cardio to complete in between our sessions

  • Nutrition course

    This is a video course with an accompanying workbook . The focus is on building sustainable habits through appetite awareness and balanced meals. No calorie counting is necessary unless desired

  • Daily mindset journalling

    Learning from the day before and planning the day ahead will help you to become more consistent in your new habits over time

  • Weekly check-ins

    This is a chance to celebrate your wins and troubleshoot any sticking points together

  • Accountability

    I will be available to help you in between our sessions in any area you are struggling in

Fit Bump

Do you want to…

  • Keep active throughout pregnancy so that you can be at your best for you and your baby
  • Maintain your fitness level throughout pregnancy so that you can have a quicker and stronger recovery post-delivery
  • Exercise in a way that is safe and appropriate for you
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Fit New Mum

Do you want to…

  • Work on your pelvic floor health, core strength and posture after recently having a baby
  • Slowly and safely get back to your pre-baby strength and fitness levels
  • Take some time for yourself so that you can feel more energised in all areas of your life
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Forever Fit Mum

Do you want to…

  • Increase your strength and fitness levels to have more energy
  • Lose any excess weight and feel more confident
  • Improve your mindset around exercise and nutrition so that you can make new habits stick for the long term
  • Take some time for yourself so that you can feel more energised in all areas of your life
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