About Me

Hi, I’m Danielle!

When I say I know your struggles with fitting in exercise and eating healthy, trust me, I’ve been there. I spent years yo-yoing from being 100% on plan, to overeating when I was stressed and giving up on any kind of fitness routine altogether.

After having kids, I knew something needed to change so I could be more consistent, healthy and set a good example for them. That’s when I started working on my mindset around food and exercise, and studied as much behavioural change science as I could. At the time I was working as a PhD chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be such a struggle to workout and eat healthy while working full time; having a stronger mindset really helped me to stay on track. When our eldest was a year old, we moved to Singapore, and I took this opportunity to study personal training and fitness nutrition at the International Sports Academy.

I decided to set up my own 1:1 personal training service, specialising in mums who were in the same boat as me-struggling with fitting in the time to exercise, good nutrition habits, and having a supportive mindset. With my pharmaceutical research background, I knew I wanted my method to be grounded in science, not just in fitness and nutrition, but behavioural change also. I have helped many women just like you implement sustainable healthy habits and completely change their life.

During my second pregnancy I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what to do to exercise safely, but also maintain as much of my fitness level as possible. This led me to complete a further qualification in pre and postnatal fitness. I have now worked with many clients during pregnancy, and helped them to reach their postnatal fitness goals also.

In late 2022, we moved back home to Ireland; I now work locally in-person and internationally online, with clients from across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

I know how hard it can be to feel like you again after having kids. With everything going on at home and work it can feel like an impossible task with guilt attached. But prioritising yourself and your health, and giving yourself back some time out of your other roles, will have a positive cascade effect on all areas of your life.


  • ACE-qualified personal trainer through the International Sports Academy, Singapore
  • Certified pre and postnatal coach with the Girls Gone Strong Academy
  • Pregnancy and postpartum exercise instructor trainer with OhBaby! Fitness
  • Qualified ACE fitness nutritionist
  • CPR and AED certified with the Irish Heart Foundation
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, UCC