What I do

Hi, I am Danielle, a Cork-based personal trainer and mum of two boys

And I can’t wait to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals. I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to exercise and eat well when you have little people to look after, homes and careers to manage, and what feels like a million other responsibilities. That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent years teaching women the mindset tools they need to incorporate fitness and healthy eating habits into their everyday life, even when they felt like they had no time. Whether you have young children at home, are pre- or post-natal, or even are helping to raise your grandchildren, your physique goals are possible for you. Let me help you to get there.

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What my clients say

Our services

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In-person 1:1 and buddy personal training

These sessions can be conducted in your home or place of work (Cork City/East Cork area). Monthly packages include:

  • Personalised training sessions
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Mindset coaching
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Online 1:1 and buddy personal training

These sessions are conducted online. Monthly packages include:

  • Personalised training sessions
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Mindset coaching

What my Clients Say


Exercising during and after pregnancy, when conducted appropriately, has dozens of benefits such as increased energy, reduced back and pelvic pain, and fewer complications in delivery. This is an area I am passionate about, and the reason I obtained further qualifications in Pre and Postnatal fitness. I have worked with many women during and after pregnancy, and in some cases have liaised with their doctors and physiotherapists to ensure they are getting complete and consistent care. Many of my past and current clients have decreased their abdominal separation, achieved a stronger pelvic floor and returned to their pre-baby weight, should that be their goal.

In general, it is very difficult for women to develop large muscles unless they lift very heavy weights, train most days of the week, and eat in a calorie surplus. There are huge benefits of strength training for women-a faster metabolism, a more toned look, stronger bone density, better posture, improved insulin response, lower risk of cardiovascular disease…truly it is the elixir of youth!

However, I do also believe that being bulk is subjective in the same way that being tall or thin is, and so I understand that it is a valid concern for some women. We will determine your physique goals when we begin to work together, and your training will be organised with these goals in mind. If you ever feel that some aspect of your training is not working for you, we will adjust course.

Of course starting something new can feel overwhelming and a bit scary. I promise that I am no army drill sergeant! I start slow and gentle with all clients to ease you into your new routine. We will work together to push you gently-1% better each week adds up to huge improvements over time. A little muscle soreness is normal for the first week or so but is nothing a warm bath and gentle massage should be able to help with. We will of course also make sure we are working safely should you have any medical or joint/bone health concerns.

This is totally normal and very common-there is nothing wrong with you! When we decide to start a new habit that we feel very excited about, we get a rush of dopamine (this is what causes your surge of motivation). We may think this is it now, new me is just around the corner!. This motivation will only last until the first setback e.g. the kids get sick, you have a bad day at work, the weather is bad, and so on. We need to learn that motivation is temporary, and simply changing our thoughts around our desired habits (there is a proven mindset formula for this!) is what will increase our self-discipline for the long haul, and ultimately allow us to reach our goals.

Having realistic habits and expectations is also vital. This is why people who lose weight very quickly almost always gain it all back-they likely exercised and dieted in a way that they could not sustain once they reached their goal. Taking it slow and steady means that you are taking the time to learn new mindset techniques to support your habits, and you can easily maintain your goal once you get there.

The right exercises carried out with the correct form could actually reduce knee pain during exercise. In some cases, tight or under-exercised muscles in the legs can force pressure on the knee that it is not designed to take. We can work together to figure out what is most suitable for you, and combining strength training with a stretching routine may even entirely eliminate knee pain